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Welcome to the Re-Cycle Tyres and Tubes!

Breathing New Life into Old Tyres

Turning Old into Gold

At Re-Cycle Bikes, we believe that nothing goes to waste. Every bike’s tyre and tube has a history, an adventure and the possibility of a fresh start. We’re committed to adding a new chapter to those stories by repurposing used tyres and tubes into useful and long-lasting objects.


Cycling is an environmentally friendly form of transport and recreation.  Cycling’s growth in popularity in Ireland has completely changed how large populations engage in leisure and transport. 

Eco-Conscious Tubes Recycling

Our goal is to make pedalling environments more environmentally friendly. We offer a special service for reusing tubes because we know how hard it is for bike shops to get rid of old tubes. Our method makes sure that these tubes are recovered in a way that is good for the environment. We want you to help us with this eco-friendly mission. Together, we can reduce the damage our business does to the environment and make the future cleaner and greener.

Business Owner?

At Re-Cycle Bikes we want to help bike shops become more sustainable. We will arrange collection of your inner tubes and tyres on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, whatever is best for you. 


When we visit your shop, we will count the tyres and tubes for collection, you signed off on the quantity.  We will email a receipt to you where you can pay by electronic transfer via Stripe, or you can pay cash on collection.  Both payment options will be given a VAT receipt.

Cost is 0.65c per tyre and 0.35c per tube.  Bike shops are already paying bin charges, unfortunately this waste is going to landfill, and not being recycled.

Meet The Team

Stacey King

Stacey started in the bike industry in 1989 working with Ray’s Bike Shop in Miltown & Mike’s Bikes in Dun Laoghaire.

Ray & Mike are now the owners of The Cycle Superstore where Stacey work until 1996 when he went to the UK and started in the Car Industry. Bikes have always been a passion of his and loves nothing more than getting out on his beloved Colnago for a spin.

Willo King

Willo has been self employed for many years, with a lot of experience in project management and bring a business from conception to fruition.

Willo manages the day to day running of Re-Cycle Bikes & Re-Cycle Tyres & Tubes.

Tyres and Tubes

Why Recycle Tyres and Tubes?

Environmentally Friendly

Every year, millions of tyres and tubes wind up in landfills, this increases the carbon footprint of cycling. It takes 50 – 70 to decompose. Recycling lessens the load on the environment and advances the planet's sustainability.

Innovative Uses

Through Bord Na Mona, we will recycle your tyres and tubes in an environmentally friendly way. With their state-of-the-art recycling and remanufacturing facility, they shred, granulate, and mill the tyres, to produce several eco products. These products will then go on to be re-used in sports pitches, childcare play surfaces and equestrian rubber, among other things.

A Special Invitation to Bicycle Vendors

Are you a cycle retailer or seller? We have an exclusive opportunity just for you! We understand that every company, no matter how large or little, has a fair number of worn-out tyres and tubes. Email us today to start your sustainable solution instead of disposing of them?

How Does it Work?

Improve Your Brand's Image

Associating with our eco-friendly initiative demonstrates your concern for the environment and social responsibility.

Hassle-Free Collections

There's no need to be concerned about hauling old tyres and tubes. We will arrange for immediate collection from your location.

Boost Customer Loyalty

By offering a recycling option, you bring value to your clients, increasing their likelihood of choosing you over competitors.


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