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Trade Your Bike

the ultimate destination for hassle-free and rewarding bike trading!

Find out how much your old bike is worth and get a new one today. If you trade in your used bike, we’ll give you a credit that you can use to buy a new one or another service. Just do it quickly and it will last!

Why Trade?

Unlock Value

Get Credit: Receive fair market value for your old bike in the form of store credit, discounts.

Upgrade Easily: Use your credit to get a discount on a newer model or different type of bicycle that better suits your current needs.

Sustainable Choice

Reduce Waste: Trading in your bike helps keep it out of the landfill and puts it into the hands of someone who can give it a new life.

Resource Efficiency: By participating in bike trade-ins, you’re supporting a system that maximises the use of resources and promotes a circular economy.

Hassle-Free Process

Expert Evaluation: Our team will assess your bike and offer a fair trade-in value based on its condition and market demand.

Simple Swap: Once evaluated, choose your new bike and apply the trade-in value directly. It’s that easy!

How It Works

Submit Your Bike for Evaluation

Fill out a form detailing your bike's make, model, and condition, or bring it to our store for an in-person assessment.

Receive an Offer

Our experts will evaluate your bike and provide a trade-in value. We ensure transparency and fairness in every offer.

Choose Your New Ride

Browse our selection of new or refurbished bikes. Apply your trade-in value and enjoy the benefits of a new bicycle.

Trade and Ride

Finalise the trade, make any additional payments if necessary, and ride away happy with your new bike!